Friday, December 4

Its been a long time

Contrary to newspaper accounts and Radio 4 news bulletins I am, in fact, Alive.
A chat with my erstwhile crimewriterist and bearded hero informed me that people actually read this blog so I thought "what the hell" and decided to post. I had previously considered re-posting on here but imagined it would be very much like singing in the shower, fun and acoustically rewarding but, at the end of the day, a solo activity- unappreciated by the general populace.
So!, I hear you cry, what have you been doing?! (said in the tone of my mother opening the front door to find me drunk with frozen margarita on my head and a parking ticket on my forehead)
I had a brief and none too fulfilling period of unemployment which left me with tattered nerves and an equally tattered mother, who had to put up with me lolling around the house in my dressing gown crying and generally losing what little of the plot remained. Following this I had a happy couple of months as a care worker for the elderly and merrily tootled about making tea and toast and wiping people. Happy days.
Now I'm back in Dundee on a masters course which is challenging, scary and not a little boring.
Some honest to goodness things that happened while I've been away:
  • I got facebook chat dumped by someone I wasn't going out with (As I pointed out to Russ, People are bypassing the relationship stage with me and going straight to the breakup)
  • I wiped poo on my nose and couldn't rid myself of the smell without sticking wetwipes up my nose
  • I have amassed a huge collection of urban pictures of no interest to anyone save me, and I've seen them already
  • I went to a book launch
The thrills, the spills.
an on that high note, goodnight

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JamesO said...

Good to see you back... erm... Bugtastic? I was beginning to wonder what had happened to all the sprouts.

That pooh thing - eugh. Had a similar experience working with sheep. Which is why I turned down the project working with dogs.