Saturday, October 4

There and back!

So I applied for a job teaching in the czech republic and actually got it. Much chuffedness on my part. I was going to a place called Liberec. It looked stunning.
I got all packed up and said my cheeri byes. I got my snake and tarantula rehomed. Took my library books back. Threw out unwanted guff lying in my room. Booked my flight.
With some trepidation I boarded the 7am flight Edinburgh to Prague. A delightful girl called Marta met me at the airport- she even had my name on a wee sheet of paper. Braw.
Tram into Prague and arrangements to meet with my boss on the monday morning to discuss my travel arrangements and subsequent departure to Liberec.
Which gave me two days in Prague. It was great. Beautiful. I loved the whole place.
I even discovered that my czech wasn't as bad as I thought. Dobre!
A few hours spent wandering round Prague- seriously people you could do worse.
The Pivo is wonderful. I cannot recommend it more. I spent a great evening in a welded together pub (seriously every part of it was welded together in a great industrial hades type thang) discussing various things with a delightful blond czech guy who was equally enthusiastic about moving to the UK.
I was having a great time.
So in to work on monday morning, a short metro hop and 10 minutes on the tram.
Bit of an interview, which went well. Then the bombshell
"We don't actually have a job for you anymore"
Gutted. They hadn't been able to fill the school and couldn't employ me.
They did offer me an alternative post- not enough hours to keep me and I'd have to stay in Prague. The London of Czech Republic. In cost and cleanliness.
I had to come home.
Several things have resulted from this jaunt.
The most important being-I'm a hell of a lot more confident about me and my abilities. When I got back I sent of a ton of CV's to environmental consultancies- Something I've never had the courage to do before.
I also got word that I'm being considered for a leonardo project placement abroad.
Life is not so bad.
taking the chance to move abroad: (owe my mum) £400
Proving you can do something you didn't think you could- priceless

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JamesO said...

I'd recommend you send of a CV to an outfit in Fife called Ecodyn, but I know for a fact they're a bit short of work right now. Still, you never know.

A good bunch of people to work with, though. If a bit weird.